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On February 3, 2023, we had a visit and meeting with our partners in Ningbo Lishe International Airport.

In the beginning of the new year, we are committed to keep close contact with our partners and hope to provide more valuable information to each other to serve our customers. First of all, as a Ningbo company, we closely followed the relevant routes out of Ningbo and came to the Lishe International Airport for a two-hour meeting with the head of our Boarding Company.                                                  

Our cargoes out of Ningbo are mainly aimed at Vietnam, and we communicated with the person in charge of our Boarding Company about the dynamics of routes and prices in Vietnam. With the rapid development of Ningbo, Ningbo airport will be developed into a major cargo port in the future, which can include cargoes from Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, and become a big international port comparable to Shanghai port.


Introducing Ningbo Airport Cargo Terminal

In the process of the meeting, we also learned that many European and American routes out of Ningbo have very advantageous prices, and the carriers are also in a state of shortage of goods. Our company has been developing European and American market, and we are looking forward to have more partners from Europe, America or other places to join us, we treat our customers sincerely and we hope to be friendly partners with them.

The person in charge of our Boarding Company also visited the cargo terminal building of Ningbo Airport and customs office of customs broker with us. We also learned that the cargo terminal building of Ningbo Airport is very mature, each of them has their own duties and is very well organized and arranged.


Ningbo Airport International Cargo Terminal

图片关键词Ningbo Air Port Customs Clearance Center

Ningbo Airport is smaller than Hangzhou Airport and Shanghai Airport, but we believe it has great potential to become a major cargo port in East China in the future development.

This meeting has enhanced our relationship with our partners and we have learned about the development and dynamics of Ningbo Airport. We are looking forward to more partners to join us and we are committed to provide high quality service and beautiful price to everyone.


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